District 268 Back Roads Jaunt

Home Free Cruising (Jump Space)

Hobnobbing in the lounger before Captain’s Dinner, last night of the flight
Rusty → card game with some of the passengers, stiff stakes
Del got scammed by a fellow thief who scams high passengers; she later disappeared in the commotion
Durion picked up 8k from gambling, Rus, Luther lost 2k. (As did Kevin and Granzh)
Del noticed the Captain appearing to have troubles working with some numbers or figures. Del later sweet talked May a bit.
The alarm sounds. People start getting sick all over the place. Sickness rapidly eases.
Durion – Had a chat with the assistant engineer. They didn’t seem very impressive and said “Well nothing wrong with MY drive.” Durion found a vac suit in a locker near an air lock and then reported his fun to his friends.
Nye – Had a little fun spreading panic but then helped people & cubs into their rooms.
Caffran – dove in the hole and helped fix the hull breach.
Rus – had the confrontation with the captain and found himself a bubble.
Del – Got pick pocketed by May and then had a stunner pointed at him and left to find a soft suit belonging to the (male) cargo master
Luther – Had a chilly chat with the captain and 1st officer. Threatened an old lady out of a bubble at gunpoint just before it became known that the hole was patched.
Durion wants to hack email logs, or anything to give him indications of trouble and tension within the crew before he heads off to help the low berth people
people are going to help with the doc in the low berths or with damage control
Luther Cross tried heroically swapping places with an old lady in a rescue ball and gain infamy amongst the passengers
Caffran helped the engineer and made friends
Durion wants to search the servers somehow for evidence of sabotage by the crew before he heads below to help


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