District 268 Back Roads Jaunt

Throwing Down The Cards (Tarkine)

- Durion revived his bug from the static incident. He noticed it had passed through some kind of shielded zone.
- Caffran was gone so his probe drone contracted some kind of religion because of the damage it sustained. It doesn’t believe in technology.
- team recalls that a star-going craft like the Hotep sometimes has an escort hanging around
- Del met up with a member of Hotep’s crew, Caroline the steward. While doing so, he briefly met the crew of the Hotep.
- During the date, Del learned a few things about the Hotep’s operations
- During the date, the free belters of the town tried forcibly shaving the team’s heads in the middle of The Dive because the team openly flaunted the custom of Klinger’s Mine which is that everyone shaves their heads on Haircut Day, due to all the lice
- Direktor Zil, through Granzh the vargr, interrupted the confrontation, invited the team to his office only to try kidnapping them. He monologued that he was going to exchange them for the old prisoners for his fresh new biofactories. The team fought back.
- The team killed at least one thug, and dropped or subdued the others who expected passive, docile former passengers.
- The team made the Direktor their bitch and have the Hotep refueled in order to bug out towards Flexos by way of Noctocol. The team plans to bring the Direktor with them as a hostage and are going to try causing a riot as a diversion.



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