District 268 Back Roads Jaunt

Re-orienting at Klinger's Mine (Tarkine)

- Ghost of the dead captain Warner haunts the wreckage of the Duchess Selene
- Duron talks to Chester, a indentured-prisoner who, on a lame-ass death bed confession, gives the location of a treasure stashed away in a beat up freighter orbiting around Noctocol star at such-and-such coordinates
- Duron noted via the bug he placed that Direktor Zil asks vargr sleezebag (name of “Granzh”) for a favor in return for a spot on his space yacht
- Del & Rusty reckoned the yacht to be in “refurbish mode”
- Del jammed the aft hatch open from the flight deck
- Del has a date in 2 hours with Caroline the steward(ess!)
- the engine room HATCH-IS-OPEN event has been logged in the ship’s computer with no corresponding HATCH-IS-CLOSED event following
- Director & Rusty Knives have frosty conversation as Rusty yuks it up
- “Haircut Day” coming up, got lice?



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