District 268 Back Roads Jaunt

Picked Up (Tarkine)

Klinger’s Mine offers the use of the posh corporate cell-baracks for the newly arrived refugee passengers of the Duchess Selene, instead of the noisy hangars and hammocks in the ore areas. PCs said we go to common area, the rest of the passengers can go to the nice cells.

Durion sneaks a bug onto Granzh the comatose vargr, their rival, during the ride away from the wreckage.

Listening in on Granzh:  He’s schmoozing folks.  Talking about the indentured folks.  
Durien find that company Zoloft Biotech is shipping out medicine from this location.  Earned 1250 credits doing some interesting administrative side work while waiting for pick up.

Caffran finds himself in The Dive confronting a drunk.  He attempts to use Luthar as his threat. It works.  While working he finds some folks in a quarantine area that aren’t looking so good and have hair growing from their mouths…

Grace helps Del get to feeling better.  She also realizes that what we’re seeing is some folks getting used as drug factories.

Del rests up then gets in good with a guard-employee of the Red Shirt Sectorwide Security Sevices agency.  He has seen “people sized boxes” getting stored for transport.  

5 days until Hotep arrival

Curly Oz the vagrant

- Belters coming in quit salvage operations of the wreckage because of a ghost sighting

next ride out is on a resupply freighter due in 4 months, find another way off this rock?



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