District 268 Back Roads Jaunt

On The Road (Tarkine)

The Payoff

- Players plotted a way out of the predicament of being a long way from a way out
- Del seems to have deceived Direktor Zil to cooperate by playing polite and offering fresh meat for his experiments
- Rusty reconnoitered the corporate offices for suits (vacsuits)
- They donned some nice courtesy suits to sneak across the station/town posing as corpdrones
- The space yacht Hotep was discovered to be only half refueled due to the urgency of the request received to refuel it (workmen apparently off trying to find more fuel)
- Crew boarded yacht through a maintenance airlock in the engine room that they left open earlier
- Caroline the stewardess was encountered on board the ship, successfully fled and locked herself in the owner’s suite
- team dealt with an approaching mining laser on tracks making ready to cut the ship open or disable it
- Del tried playing recorded video of the nefarious deeds of the corporation over the town’s common video feeds but only got a brief image through
- Direktor Zil and assistant locked in a state room; Del smashed and fried the computer access with his stun baton

- Take off, space scan, dodged ice asteroids nearby, setting course



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