District 268 Back Roads Jaunt

"Hair! Lots and lots of hair!"


The team fired up the Hotep, took off, and began planning a refuel operation at the local gas giant. Del said that they had better get control of the escaped stewardess because she was in the owner’s suite, a place to possibly control the entire ship. He was right. No sooner than he said that than did the video feed from there go dark. He went to check it out.

Del knocked on the owner’s suite door, pouring in the sweet talk. He heard the intercom open and a woman sigh as if she changed her mind that she didn’t want to speak. The intercom went quiet.

An alarm sounded from the low-berth bay. Low berths thawing and opening, revealing strange hairy beings rising from the creches. Caffran ran to check it out.

Suddenly the lights all go out on the ship, replaced by dimmer, red emergency lights.

Del sees the owner’s suite door open to reveal a person in a serious-looking space suit, with some kind of fancy rifle. The figure, a she – she apologizes to him, raises it to attack him with the butt of the thing and misses. The figure runs into the dark corridors of the ship.

Caffran spies strange bizarre hairy things rising from the low berths in the cargo bay area. They are bipedal humanoids with much hair, the hair points and sees around sensing its environment. Backing away he locks the door to the cargo bay only to see four hairy things go up and down the access tube to other parts of the ship.

A tense standoff ensues between Durion, Del, the stewardess, and Caffran. The person in the suit with the fancy rifle makes her demand to escape with Direktor Zil, claiming she is his bodyguard. Further maneuvering occurs and an agreement is reached to allow her, Zil, and the assistant (her choice) to leave aboard the ship’s launch. She slays the hairy space-zombies and tells how to deal with the remaining ones.

They leave, the crew makes to begin jump to Noctocol.


Good one… enjoyed reading it. Can’t wait for your take on this Tues’ action :)

"Hair! Lots and lots of hair!"

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