District 268 Back Roads Jaunt

Always Low Low Prices

(Noctocol to Elixabeth)

The crew deliberated if there was anything they needed to do before departing. During deliberations they received emails over the data feed to the What Luck Casino from a Mac Grierson, the guy who kept trying to reach them earlier, owner-operator of the What Luck Casino. He stated that he very much would like to meet with the captain of their fine yacht to discuss the subject of improving the TAS starport rating of Noctocol on the star charts.

Rus T., while presumably checking the TAS News Service, incidentally noticed an item about a prized sample of Darrian miconera gel disappearing from a well protected museum on Flammarion. This was their successful heist at the beginning of all of this and news of it has finally reached the other end of the sector at Noctocol. (News travels at jump 3 or jump 4 in District 268). (2.5 million Imperial credits per person was the payout for the Goo Job and the team arranged for it to be held at Iterati in a corner of a certain anonymous warehouse there.)

After lengthy discussions, the crew decided to meet with him as he sounded desperate enough. Wandering through the freeport, they passed Dominika’s Tweak Hut (SAT! Skill Augment Tuesdays! SAT! Half Off!) but took a pass on that. In the What Luck Casino, they met up with Mac, a rock-like, broken-nosed individual in well cut clothing. Meeting with him, they agreed to just accept his simple offer of some luxury cruise tickets up front if they were to use their influence upon the Traveller’s Aid Society (found at the nearest class A or B starport) to upgrade Noctocol’s starport letter designation from E to D on the star charts. Much commerce is involved with this and he’s prepared to offer substantial favors for further efforts.

The crew noted that the flight path of the luxury cruise would take them from Elixabeth to Datrillian to 567-908 to Flammarion at a rate of jump 3. Digging further into the background of this cruise line, they discover that the line is owned and operated by two brothers Slater, of Slater Horizons, formerly merchants now knights of the Imperium. The brothers Slater invested in a purposed-starliner to take sight seers through the wild and untravelled regions of District 268 to see its sights.

Durion chit-chatted with Mac later, asking round-aboutwise if he knew any good dealers of starships at Elixabeth. Mac was very pleased to pass on the name of a friend of his who owned a used starship yard at the destination (+1 to a reaction test with the used starship establishment owner).

Some of the crew hung out at the casino, using their complementary coupons to dice a bit and made a little money for the night. While playing a round of Meteor Chicken, one of them overheard chatter about a game of Damage that was to take place at Squallia in a few weeks.

After this the crew departed, dodging a careless space freighter with the logo “Low Low Prices” emblazoned on it. Setting course for the first leg of the flight, they aimed for deep space to widely avoid Fiorine, one of the known chief ports of call for the Hotep. They entered jump space quickly, not having to worry about any 100 diameter limits from nearby gravitational bodies.

In flight, the crew debated the possibilities of somehow fencing or trading the hot potato Hotep for a ship at the destination. Everyone took the opportunity to train and practice skills. Some of the crew assisted Caffran as he electronically rehabilitated his sick probe drone. It appears to be recovered for now, declaring it was “ready to serve”.

Popping out in the middle of deep space the crew detects a ball of ice and rock tumbling nearby with a heat source emitting from it. Upon it is built a small living shack and some other decrepit buildings. Establishing contact yielded an old man’s voice and a warning shot. Sounds of an old lady’s voice and a scuffle came from the microphone and an old lady came on the air inviting them to visit and trade any entertainments and money for some palladium metals. The crew agreed and attempted to trade one of the alien mammals in the cargo bay, particularly the one labelled ‘hyperviagra’. After some convincing they were able to buy a ton of precious metals for 40,000 credits and were on their way. The crew spent more time practicing skills over the long flight, preparing to pop out at Elixabeth, with 74 days remaining on deadline.



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